Vrat Special Sabudana Aloo Paratha | व्रत वाले साबूदाना & आलू के पराठे | Potato Pancakes Kunal Kapur

There is nothing better than a simple yet fulfilling meal to get you through the day. If you celebrate Mahashivratri and follow its rituals, I have got a tasty option for you to gorge on!

Bringing to you my Sabudana Aloo Paratha recipe in this video.

These Parathas can be easily prepared, taste super good, and can easily power you through a day of fasting. #SabudanaAlooParatha #SabudanaRecipe #VratSpecialParatha #KunalKapurRecipe #AlooRecipe #VratkaKhaana #SabudanaAloo #AlookaParatha #ChefKunalKapur #ChefKunal

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Sabudana Aloo Paratha (Vrat Spl)
Prep time – 30mins (requires 4 hrs soaking)
Cooking time – 20 mins
Makes 6nos (6”dia)

Sabudana – ½ cup + 3tbsp
Water – 1¼ cup
Potato (boiled & mashed) – 1cup
Sendha namak (rock salt) – to taste
Roasted cumin – 1½ tsp
Green chillies chopped – 1no
Roasted peanuts (finely crushed) – 3tbsp
Coriander chopped (optional) – handful
Butter paper/Plastic shoot – 2nos
Oil – for light greasing

For a detailed step-by-step recipe, click here: https://www.chefkunalkapur.com/recipe/sabudana-aloo-paratha/


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Time Stamps:
00:00 Introduction
00:52 Recipe Begins
01:27 Preparing Sabudana & Aloo Mixture
02:59 Grinding Sabudana Pearls
03:37 Adding Roasted Groundnuts
04:25 Mixing the Aloo & Sabudana Mixture
05:02 Preparing Paratha Balls
06:32 Making Parathas
07:31 Kunal’s Tip & Trick
08:04 Recipe Continued

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