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Diwali is almost here and one thing we all love to enjoy is a good snacks recipe. What if it comes with a punch of health? Interesting, right?

Do try this simple and quick recipe.

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Prep time – 30min
Cooking time – 15mins
(Serves 4)

Cinnamon (1½” Stick) – 2nos
Cardamom – 15nos
Cloves – 12nos

Beetroot Medium (boiled & peeled) – 4nos
Potato Medium (boiled & mashed) – ¾ cup
Salt – to taste
Green Chilli chopped – 1no
Ginger chopped – 2tsp
Peanuts (roasted & crushed) – 4tbsp
Roasted Cumin (Crushed) – 2 tsp
Coriander chopped – a handful
Mustard oil – 1 tbsp
Kasundhi – 1tbsp
Bengali Garam Masala – ¾ tsp
Bread Crumbs (dried) – 2tbsp + 1 cup
Oil – for frying
For Mustard Dip
Kasundhi – 2tbsp
Mayonnaise – ½ cup

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