Khus ka Serbet & Khus ka Ice-Cream Soda | Summer Recipe | Quick Drink | Kunal Kapur Recipe | Vetiver

Looking for something cold and satisfying for summers? You have found the right recipe. This one is for the ones who love coolers, mojitos and other drinks during summer.

It’s summer-time and with summer comes cravings for something sweet, something cold, something refreshing. And, this recipe is just perfect!

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Khus Sharbat & Ice Cream Soda
Prep Time – 5mins
Cooking Time – 30mins
Makes 400ml Khus Syrup

For Khus Syrup –
Khus ki jad (root) – 70gm
Water – 1.3 ltr/ 5½ cups
Sugar – 600gm
Green colour – few drops

For Khus Sharbat (1portion)
Ice cubes – few
Water chilled – 300ml
Sabza (basil seeds) soaked – 2 tbsp

Khus Ice Cream Soda (1portion)
Vanilla Ice Cream – 1scoop
Khus Syrup – 3tbsp
Sabja – 1tbsp
Chilled Soda Water – 250ml


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Time Stamps:
00:00 Introduction
00:23 Washing Khus (Vetiver)
01:24 Khus ka Syrup
04:14 Khus ka Sherbet
05:39 Khus Icecream Soda
06:15 Plating Khus Sherbet & Icecream Soda
06:43 Everything About Khus

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