GRAINS FROM AROUND THE WORLD | अलग प्रकार के अनाज | Types of Grains | A Food Show with Kunal Kapur

In today’s video, I am going to take you through the varieties of grains found across the world! Along with it, I will help you in understanding what are they called, what are they used in, and how to pronounce each of them right! Keep watching 🙂

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Time Stamps:
00:00 Introduction
00:21 Flour/Atta
00:43 Semolina/Suji/Rava
01:01 Broken Wheat/Daliya
01:18 All-Purpose Flour
01:33 Vermicelli/Semiiyan
01:52 Sorghum/Jowar
02:03 Rice/Chawal
02:19 Puffed Rice/Murmura
02:37 Oats/Jaee
02:51 Gram Flour/Besan
03:07 Corn/Maize/Makai
03:16 Corn Meal/Makai ka Daliya
03:29 Maize Flour/Makai ka Atta
03:39 CornStarch
04:18 Arrowroot/Arraroot
04:44 Tapioca Pearls/Sabudana
04:50 Water Chestnut/Singhara
05:14 Fox Nuts/Makhana
05:34 Barley/Jau
05:40 Pearl Millet/Bajra
05:52 Amaranth Seed/Rajgira
06:00 Amaranth Flour
06:04 Buckwheat/Kuttu
06:24 Finger Millet/Nachni/Ragi/Madua
06:49 Proso Millet/Baree/Chena
06:59 Little Millet/Kutki
07:12 Barnyard Millet/Samak ke Chawal
07:25 Foxtail Millet/Kangani
07:35 Kodo Millet/Kodon

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