Cheese Bhurji Pao | चीज़ भुर्जी पाव | Masala Bhurji Pav | मसाला भुर्जी पाव | Anda Bhurji |Kunal Kapur


Learn Anda Bhurji ka naya ka funda, not just one but in two different ways!
Pesh hai Desi lovers ke liye Masala Bhurji Pao aur Videshi Lovers ke liye Cheese Bhurji Pao.
Watch the recipe and tell me in the comments!

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Ingredients –

Masala Bhurji Pav
Eggs (अंडे) – 4 no
Salt (नमक) – ½ tsp
Butter (मक्खन) – 2 tbsp
Onions, Chopped (प्याज) – ½ cup
Green Chilli, Chopped (हरी मिर्च) – 1 no
Ginger, Chopped (अदरक) – ½ tsp
Garlic, Chopped (लहसुन) – ½ tsp (optional)
Turmeric (हल्दी) – ½ tsp
Pav Bhaji Masala (पाव भाजी मसाला) – ½ tbsp
Tomato, Chopped (टमाटर) – ½ cup
Coriander, Chopped (धनिया) – 1 tbsp

For Masala Pav
Pav (पाव) – 6 pcs
Butter (मक्खन) – 2 tbsp
Pav Bhaji Masala (पाव भाजी मसाला) – a generous pinch
Coriander, Chopped (धनिया) – a handful

For Cheese Bhurji Pav:
Eggs (अंडे) – 4 pc
Salt (नमक) – ½ tsp
Butter (मक्खन) – 2 tbsp
Onions, Chopped (प्याज) – ½ cup
Green chilli, Chopped (हरी मिर्च) – 1no
Chicken Sausage, Medium (सॉसेज) – 4 no
Pepper Powder (काली मिर्च) – ½ tsp
Oregano (ओरिगैनो) – 1 tsp
Chilli flakes (चिली फ्लेक्स) – 1 tsp
Mozzarella Cheese, Grated (मौज़रेला) – ¼ cup

For Cheese Pav:
Pav (पाव) – 6 pc
Butter (मक्खन) – 2 tbsp
Pepper (काली मिर्च) – a pinch
Oregano (ओरिगैनो) – 1 tsp
Chilli Flake (चिली फ्लेक्स) – 1 tsp
Mozzarella Cheese, Grated (मौज़रेला) – 3 to 4 tbsp
Coriander, Chopped (धनिया) – 1 tbsp

Check out this recipe along with step-by-step instructions here:


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00:00 Introduction
01:03 Masala Bhurji Pao
01:18 Kunal’s Tip & Trick
02:15 Masala Bhurji Recipe Begins
04:36 Plating Masala Anda Bhurji
04:52 Masala Pav
06:05 Cheese Bhurji Pav
08:49 Plating Cheese Masala Bhurji
09:07 Masala Pav


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