Bharwan Dum Aloo | Stuffed Dum Aloo | Diwali Special Shahi Aloo | भरवाँ दम आलू | Chef Kunal Kapur

Talks of tasty treats are often incomplete without a savoury potato recipe. 

This time, I am excited to present to you the Bharwan Dum Aloo recipe straight from the heart of Rajasthan. Soft potatoes stuffed with delectable filling, marinated in mouth-watering curry.

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Time Stamps:
00:00 Introduction
01:02 Gravy Recipe Begins
02:24 Preparing Potatoes
04:26 Gravy Recipe Continued
04:57 Frying Potatoes
06:29 Grinding Gravy
06:57 Preparing Masala
07:52 Potatoes Stuffing
09:26 Finishing Gravy
09:53 Plating Bharwan Dum Aloo


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