सुबह खाली पेट धनिया का पानी पीने के फायदे! धनिया पानी एंड शर्बत | Dhaniya Pani & Cooler |Kunal Kapur

Hi everyone, we all have been consuming dhaniya or coriander seeds in our daily meals. But did you know that consuming dhaniya water empty stomach every morning has other health benefits as well? Watch my recipe to learn more about how you can prepare these super quick #dhaniyawater and #dhaniyacooler at your home!

Benefits of Coriander Water:
– Coriander seeds are a treasure trove of health and the best part is that is it present in every Indian home kitchen.
– Preparing coriander water or dhaniya pani is very easy and can be done every day fresh. The best time to have coriander water for digestion and weight loss is to have it early morning on empty stomach.
– Coriander seeds build immunity as it is rich in antioxidants which flush out the toxins from the body. Flushing out toxins helps to get a glow on the skin.
– Regularly drinking dhania pani controls acidity, helps in digestion and also keeps you feeling full which in turn aids in weight management

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Dhania Water & Coriander Cooler

Dhania Water
Prep time – 30mins soaking
Cooking time – 5mins
Serves – 2
Coriander seeds – 4tbsp
Water – 600ml

To prepare healthy coriander water soak coriander seeds overnight or a minimum of 30 mins. Bring to a boil and then simmer for 2 mins. Strain and drink it. The remaining seeds can be dried in the sun and then used for tadka in food.

Basic ratio of water: coriander seeds for 1 portion of coriander water is 300ml water:2tbsp coriander seeds.

Coriander Cooler
Prep time – 30mins soaking
Cooking time – 15mins
Serves – 2

Coriander seeds – 2tbsp
Water – 1lt
Tamarind – 50gms/a small ball
Jaggery – to taste
Salt – a pinch
Black salt – a pinch
Ice cubes – a handful
Mint leaves – few

Soak the coriander seeds overnight or a minimum of 30mins in water. Add the soaked coriander seeds along with the water into a pan. Further add tamarind, jaggery, salt, and black salt to it. Bring it to a boil, then simmer for 12-15mins.
Now strain the liquid and discard the seeds. Cool down the liquid and bring it to room temp. Add lots of ice cubes in 2 glasses and pour the coriander water over it, garnish with some mint leaves and serve.


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Time Stamps:
00:00 Introduction
01:28 Dhaniya/Coriander Water
03:40 Dhaniya/Coriander Cooler
05:04 Dhaniya Paani ke Fayde
05:51 Dhaniya/Coriander Cooler (Recipe Contd)
07:04 Final Shots Coriander Water & Cooler

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