मसाला सोया चाप खाओगे तोह उँगलियाँ चाट के खाओगे | Malai Soya Chaap Tikka | Lunch Dinner | Kunal Kapur

Makhmali, Zaaikedar, aur muh mein ghul jaane wali koi dish hai toh woh Malai Soya Chaap hi hai!

And today’s the day when you’re going to learn this super delicious recipe with me. This recipe is perfect for any occasion. Koi festival ho ya koi function, I bet people will love this dish and your cooking skills forever!

So try karo ye Malai Soya Chaap Shashlik!

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Malai Soya Chaap Shashlik
Prep time – 15 min
Cooking Time – 25 min
(Serves – 4 people)


For Soya Chaap –
Soya Chaap (सोया चाप) – 7pc/500gm
Water (पानी) – 5 cups
Ginger (अदरक), roughly chopped – 1-inch knob
Green Chilli (हरी मिर्च), roughly chopped – 1 pc
Peppercorn (काली मिर्च) – 7 to 8 pc
Salt (नमक) – to taste
Oil (तेल) – for deep frying

For Malai Marination (all of them have to be cold)

Processed Cheese (चीज़), grated -½ cup or 55gm
Ginger (अदरक), finely chopped – ½ tsp
Green chilli (हरी मिर्च), finely chopped – 1 tsp
Hung curd (दही) – ½ cup or 120 gm
Elaichi powder (इलायची पाउडर) – a pinch
White pepper powder (सफेद मिर्च पाउडर) – a pinch
Javitri powder (जावित्री पाउडर) – a pinch
Salt (नमक) – 1 tsp
Coriander stalks (धनिया डंठल), chopped – 1 tsp
Corn Flour (कॉर्न फलौउर) – 2 tsp
Cream (क्रीम) – ⅓ cup / 80 gm
3 coloured peppers (3 रंग की मिc र्च) – a bunch
Onions (प्याज) – a bunch

For Finishing –
Butter (मक्खन), melted – as required
Chaat masala (चाट मसाला) – to taste
Lemon (नींबू) – ½ pc
Coriander (धनिया), chopped – 1 tsp

Check out the detailed step-by-step recipe for #malaisoyachaap here: https://www.chefkunalkapur.com/#google_vignette


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Time Stamps:
00:00 Introduction
00:58 Preparing Chaap
03:19 Frying Chaap
04:00 Removing Stick
04:37 Malai Marination
07:36 Making Skewers
09:02 Grilling Soya Chaap on Tawa
10:36 Plating Malai Soya Chaap Shashlik

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