बाज़ार जैसा बर्फ का गोला घर पे आसानी से | Aam Panna & Shikanji Chuski | Summer Special | Kunal Kapur

Garmiyaan ho, and chuski na ho! Aesa nahi ho sakta.

If you are someone like me who loves to have #chuski but is worried about the quality of ingredients used to make ice, then worry not. Today, I am going to show you how you can make the syrups and chuski at home, from scratch.

Hope you will enjoy this #MasalaShikanjChuski and #AamPannaChuski recipe and share it with your friends.

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Prep Time – 20 min
Cooking Time – 30 min
(Serves – 12)

For Ice Gola
Ice cubes (बर्फ) – 2kg or as required
Ice Cream sticks (आइस क्रीम की डंडी) – 8
Glass  – 1 or as required
Chat masala (चाट मसाला) – to taste 
Aam Panna Syrup (makes 10 cups)
Ripe mango (आम), Cubed – 250gm
Raw mango (कच्चा आम) Cubed – 150gm
Sugar (चीनी) – 200gm
Black salt (काला नमक)  – 1 tsp
Salt (नमक)  – to taste
Roasted cumin (भुना जीरा), crushed – 2 tsp
Black pepper powder (काली मिर्च पाउडर) – ¾ tsp
Masala Shikanji:
Sugar (चीनी) – 300gm
Water (पानी)  – 1 cup
Black salt (काला नमक)  – 1 tsp
Lemon (नींबू) – 6-7 or to taste
Roasted cumin (भुना जीरा) – ½ tsp
Mint leaves (पुदीना) – 2 cups

Check out the entire recipe for #aampannachuski and #aampannachuski here: https://www.chefkunalkapur.com/recipe/chuski/


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00:00 Introduction
01:41 Aam Panna Syrup
02:14 Shikanji Syrup
03:15 Aam Panna Syrup (Continued)
03:41 Shikanji Syrup Recipe (Continued)
05:20 Grinding Aam Panna Syrup
06:20 Baraf ka Gola
07:33 Forming Golas
09:04 Preparing Golas

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