पनीर काठी रोल बनाओगे, उंगलियां चाटते रह जाओगे! | Paneer Roll Recipe | Kunal Kapur Recipes #Shorts

चटपटा काठी रोल!

Rolls are a popular street food across India. Eating a tasty kebab with a soft roti or bread is a classic and is served in every regional cuisine of India. Kolkata happens to be famous for Kathi kebabs and many versions inspired from there exists in restaurants around the world.

Kathi is a wooden stick used to skewer and roast kebabs either vegetarian or non-veg. So a #KathiRolls is a #kebab on a chapati with accompaniments traditionally but now you can make your own roll. #Frankie served in Mumbai street food is very similar to the Kolkata Kathi rolls. #YouTubeShorts #PaneerRoll #StreetFoodRecipe #SnacksRecipe

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