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If you are someone who enjoys green chilli sauce with their meals, this recipe is the right one for you to try. Not only this is fresh and healthy, but you can also customize the heat and thickness as per your liking.

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Green Chilli Sauce
Prep Time – 15min
Cooking Time – 20 Min
Makes – 400ml/460gms

Water (पानी) – 1.2lt
Potatoes (आलू), Diced – 1 cup (250gm)
Salt (नमक) – 1 tbsp (approx)
Ginger (अदरक), Sliced – 1-inch pc
Garlic Chopped (लहसून) – 1tbsp
Coriander seeds (धनिया) – 2 tbsp
Sugar (चीनी) – 2 tbsp
Green chillies (हरी मिर्च) – 200gm
Vinegar (सिरका) – 1 cup
Green Colour (हरा रंग) Optional – few drops

Check out the detailed step-by-step recipe for Green Chilli Sauce here: https://www.chefkunalkapur.com/recipe/easy-simple-green-chilli-sauce/


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00:00 Introduction
00:47 Boiling Potatoes
01:52 Preparing Green Chillies
02:41 Adding Chillies
04:05 Grinding Chilly Paste
04:20 Boiling Chilli Sauce
05:23 Filling Sauce in Bottles

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